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‘Cooking’ Lotion Divine this weekend! Gift Sets coming soon!

Now available from DeZine’s by request are 16 ounce bottles of Lotion Divine!

10966687_10153025625544280_1176098253_nI will be making a batch of Natural Scent/Unscented as well as Run in the Rain which is by Best Seller!  An amazing uplifting and refreshing blend of Peppermint, Wintergreen and Clove that sinks in and hydrates your skin like no other!




Also COMING SOON are wrapped and ready to give – Gift Sets for any occasion and of course Mother’s Day!  They will range in price from $15 – $30.

What kind of goodies would you like to receive in a GIft Set?  Please post your comments below!

Yours in Vibrant Heath and Vitality,

Magnesium – What gives?

I just ‘cooked’ up a fresh double batch of my Mag-Ease-ium Cream – Remedy with Double Strength Magnesium Oil, Marjoram and Cedarwood.  It is available in 2 ounce and 4 ounce jars.  Click here and stop by my Etsy shop to read more about this amazing Remedy!


Magnesium is vitally important to over 300 processes in our bodies, but very few of us get enough of it. Even those of us with an excellent, nutrient-dense diet are probably not getting enough magnesium. The problem is that our soil is horribly depleted. When a food says that it contains x amount of magnesium, that can be very misleading. In optimal growing conditions and magnesium-rich soil, it might be an accurate number, but that is seldom the situation. On top of a lack of magnesium in the diet, many prescription drugs can actually deplete magnesium. When we’re stressed, we burn through magnesium at an accelerated rate.

Magnesium is needed for so many things, including restful sleep, digestion of food, heart health, fertility, strong bones, energy and so much more.

I intuitively chose to add Cedarwood and Marjoram therapeutic grade pure essential oils to my Mag-Ease-ium Cream Remedy.

Cedarwood is recognized for its calming and purifying properties. Its fragrant influence stimulates the limbic region of the brain (the center of emotions), and stimulates the pineal gland, which releases melatonin.

Marjoram has muscle soothing properties that may help relieve body and joint discomfort. It may also help soothe the digestive tract and is a general relaxant. Its fragrance assists in calming the nerves.

This is quickly becoming my second most popular Nature’s Body Product, with Run in the Rain Lotion Divine taking in all the glory!

Yours in Vibrant Heath and Vitality,

Hello world!

On this first day of Spring 2015 I launch my very own website to share my DeZines, my inspirations, and me with you.  I am grateful for the people that have supported me with purchasing my products and have brought me to this place, this space.  My blog posts will talk about my products, share natural household cleaning tips and recipes and Etsy Shop discounts!  I am excited to continue this journey, will you join me?

Yours in Vibrant Heath and Vitality,